Triad owns and operates numerous drilling rigs at various offices. Our drilling fleet includes truck-mounted, track-mounted, skid-mounted and ATV-mounted rigs. Drill rigs are available at all office locations as needed. The track-, ATV- and skid-mounted units can access even the most difficult types of terrain. Our rigs provide support primarily for in-house geotechnical engineering projects. In addition, Triad routinely provides subcontract drilling services for  other consultants, private industry, and state, federal or municipal governments. Support equipment includes water trucks, tanks, piping, pumps and portable grout mixer/pumps.  Triad can provide drill crews who are OSHA- and MSHA- trained when required for the project.

Our Drilling & Sampling Services Services Include:

  • Soil Test Borings with Standard Penetration Testing and Sampling
  • Rock Coring and Sampling
    • NQ, NQ2, HQ and PQ Size Cores
  • Auger Borings
  • Undisturbed Shelby Tube Sampling
  • Piston Sampling (GUS)
  • Roller Bit Borings
  • NW and HW Casing Advancer Drilling
  • Down Hole Hammer (DHH) Drilling
  • Bridge Pier (Barge-Based) Borings
  • Coal Exploration Borings
  • Coal Refuse Drilling and Sampling
  • Hazardous Waste Sampling
  • Sludge Pond Sampling
  • Sub-Bottom Core Holes
  • Borehole Packer Permeability Testing
  • Piezometer Installation
    • Standpipe, Vibrating Wire, Pneumatic, etc.
  • Slope Inclinometer Casing Installation
  • Monitoring Well Installation and Development
  • Borehole Grouting
  • Settlement Monitoring System Installation
    • Index Tubes, Extensometers, etc.

Drilling & Sampling Services Projects

  • I-64 Bridge Over Kanawha River
  • Corridor H, Kerens to Parsons
  • Corridor D Bridge
  • The Crossings
  • Green Circle Trail
  • Scott Teays Elementary School Expansion

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