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    Triad’s Safety Employee of the Month:  January

    This month, we would like to recognize Tony Miller, Hagerstown QC Practice Leader, as our safety person of the month. Tony has been spending many hours in the field lately especially along I-81. This project is in the final stages and the majority of the traffic control has been removed. Tony has had to be extra cautious completing the testing by positioning his vehicle in protective positions and being as visible as possible. Tony has also encouraged the contractor to be as efficient as possible to reduce the amount of time spent along the interstate. Additionally, Tony is constantly encouraging and reminding his staff of QC Technicians to be safe and to wear the proper PPE.


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    Triad’s Safety Employee of the Month:  December

    Allen “Buddy” Goff, Survey Party Chief in the Morgantown office, has been selected as the December Triad Safety Employee of the Month. Buddy has worked in the construction industry for over twenty years.  He has been involved in a variety of projects with all of our departments. Following OSHA and MSHA regulations and guidelines is an extensive part of his work ethic. As a survey crew leader, he also stays aware of his surroundings, potential hazards, and terrain, wears the appropriate PPE, follows safe work practices, and provides safe solutions to problems that arise in the field. Thank you for all your hard work, devotion to safety, and dedication to Triad.


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    Triad’s Safety Employee of the Month:  November

    Triad’s Safety Employee for November is Anders Bush.  Anders has been a tremendous asset to Triad’s safety program and the entire company during the COVID-19 Pandemic. He initiated Triad’s COVID-19 Safety Program in March, 2020 and has been instrumental in keeping Triad’s guidelines and policies up to date with CDC, WHO, and OSHA guidelines. Anders has also provided the majority of the COVID-19 Readiness Report articles for Triad’s weekly internal newsletter.

  • Geotechnical Engineering Manager Raymond Strother to lead Triad’s Shenandoah Valley Regional Offices

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    R.J. Strother, PE

    (November 18, 2020) – Triad Engineering, Inc. (Triad) is pleased to announce that Raymond (RJ) Strother, II, PE, has been promoted to Regional Manager for the Shenandoah Valley Region, which includes office locations in Winchester and Sterling, Virginia. In a combined role, RJ will continue to lead the Geotechnical Engineering Department. RJ graduated from West Virginia University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Civil Engineering and is a Registered Professional Civil Engineer in Virginia, Maryland and West Virginia. RJ has been with the firm for over 13 years and has worked in many roles with Triad.

    R.J. was born and raised in Winchester and has been working in Triad’s Winchester office since graduating from WVU. R.J. began his engineering career as a Staff Engineer, progressed to Senior Engineer and then Geotechnical Practice Leader in 2015. Mr. Strother serves on Triad’s Board of Directors. He is passionate about building and fostering strong client relationships that will continue to contribute to the growth of his community and finds great satisfaction being directly involved with the strategic planning for Triad’s future and mentoring new staff members.

    Former Shenandoah Valley Regional Manager, Randy Moulton, PE, will remain with Triad and dedicate his time to his corporate role as Principal Engineer. “RJ has shown tremendous growth as a leader and manager over the past several years, and he has demonstrated outstanding commitment to Triad’s clients. He has embraced this new position, and I would expect him to continue providing excellent services in this region,” said Randy. As Randy will continue to serve in his corporate role, a seamless transition is expected for RJ moving into this new leadership position.

  • Triad creates a mobile laboratory

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    Providing support for our geotechnical engineering and construction monitoring divisions, Triad maintains complete laboratory facilities in each of our office locations. Materials tested include soil, concrete, aggregate, asphalt, rock and sprayed-on fireproofing.

    Inside view of mobile laboratory

    We recently had a unique opportunity to create a mobile concrete laboratory facility to more adequately address the needs of our client and their project. There were many factors that led to the creation of a mobile laboratory. The first consideration was the volume of concrete testing required for this project. The client is constructing an approximately one million square foot industrial facility. They will be placing an average of 1,200 cubic yards of concrete per day. This amount of concrete will require dozens of cylinder samples that need to be tested.

    exterior of mobile laboratory

    The second consideration was the location of the project site. It is approximately 2 hours from our nearest laboratory. Transporting the high volume of concrete cylinders to our laboratory would have required a special vehicle or trailer to accommodate the weight of the cylinders, and the travel time would have negatively impacted our response time to the contractor. With the mobile laboratory, we can break cylinders on site and immediately notify the contractor verbally if there is an issue with the compressive strength results.

    The mobile laboratory is powered by a generator, so it is temperature controlled to meet ACI and AASHTO specifications for storing and breaking concrete cylinders. In the end, this solution was developed to best meet the needs of our client for this project. Setting up a mobile laboratory helps us perform materials testing more efficiently which helps our client stay on time and on budget. All testing procedures are performed by certified and trained laboratory technicians.