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Triad has a long track record providing services for hundreds of transportation projects across the region. Experience includes heavy work with roadways, bridges, train/railway projects, and aviation developments. All our offices maintain consistent involvement with transportation projects.
  • I-64 Bridge Over Kanawha River

    Triad Engineering provided geotechnical engineering services for this bridge construction project. Services provided by Triad consisted of the following:

    • Designed a boring program including locations and depths of roadway approach and structure borings.
    • Prepared boring contract documents, solicited bids, received and evaluated bids, and coordinated the performance of the test borings.
    • Our project engineers attended WVDOT/DOH project review and progress meetings on an as needed basis to discuss and review the geotechnical aspects of the project.
    • Geologists and geotechnical technicians inspected all drilling activity, and logged samples recovered from the borings.
    • Geotechnical laboratory testing was performed in our certified laboratory to characterize the soils and determine their engineering properties.
    • Recommendations were made for the design of all bridge foundations, including foundation types and estimated depths, allowable bearing pressures or loads, and other necessary geotechnical design information.
    • Boring stick diagrams on computer disk were provided to the designers for their use in preparing the final design cross-sections.
    • Soil and geologic plan and cross-section drawings were prepared for inclusion in the final project plans. 
    • A geotechnical investigation report for the bridge was submitted. 

    All work was performed in accordance with generally accepted geotechnical engineering practice and applicable West Virginia Department of Transportation / Division of Highways Design Directives. 

    Services Provided:
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