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Triad Engineering, Inc. is 100% employee owned and operated. Our Employee Stock Ownership Plan serves as a retirement plan for employees by holding tax-free investments on their behalf. Triad pays all of the contributions to this plan out of company profits, and no taxes are due until shares are distributed. Our plan is overseen by appointed Trustees and Triad’s Board of Directors, and administrated by a company specializing in ESOP programs. Vesting in the program begins after one year of service with the company.

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Why I Work For Triad

“Triad offers me flexibility and I can be outside. What I like best about working for Triad is the people; they have an understanding of me and my responsibility to my family. ” —Mark Talkington, Survey Crew Chief, Morgantown, WV
Mark Talkington, Survey Crew Chief, Morgantown, WV