Stress Awareness Month

By:Triad Engineering

Are you aware that April is stress awareness month?  Stress can have a major impact on the productivity and satisfaction of company employees.  It is important to remain aware of stress in the workplace so that it can be mitigated and not create a hostile work environment.


Signs of stress in the workplace:

  • Working too many hours.
  • Becoming tired and irritable.
  • Seeming nervous on a regular basis.
  • Not taking leave or vacation.
  • A decline in the performance or productivity of the employee.
  • Overly sensitive to the things around them.
  • Seeming lethargic or less sensitive.


How can we help to reduce stress in the workplace?

  • Provide discounts on wellness programs.
  • If possible, allow for flexible hours or remote working.
  • Allow for team-building exercises and for employees to get to know one another.
  • Offer on-site or other counseling services.
  • Pay attention to any of the above signs of stress listed above and be proactive.


Mental health and stress are at an all-time high in today’s society.  Looking for signs and taking care of the situation early on, versus later, is important for the employee and the employer.  Do you pay attention to your employees?  Do they seem happy? Do they seem tired and overworked? Ask yourself these questions the next time you are around your employees and if you sense any signs of stress, find ways that you can be of help.