aerial photo of Triad drillingTriad Engineering, Inc. recently introduced drone technology to supplement some of our existing service offerings. This includes topographic and aerial surveys and construction site documentation. The survey data is incredibly accurate and, in many cases, using drones can be more budget and schedule friendly than field surveying. Additionally, during these unprecedented times associated with the COVID-19 pandemic, our use of drones for construction site documentation has been very valuable for owners and developers that cannot travel. The drones allow the owner and developer to have “eyes” on-site to observe the on-going progress of their project.

Triad is currently employing drones for site documentation of active projects. In compliance with health and safety recommendations related to the COVID-19 pandemic, contractors and developers are restricting domestic travel and doing everything in their power to ensure their jobs sites are safe for all involved. Drones can help contractors and developers monitor their job site progress from the comfort and safety of their homes. Site documentation with drones can help limit the frequency of in-person visits promoting social distancing and facilitate communication between the developer and contractors to ensure jobs are progressing smoothly and safely.

Site documentation includes aerial video footage and still photos of a job site or project. These services are customizable to meet the client’s needs. Some clients want site documentation weekly, others bi-weeaerial photo, site documentationkly or monthly. Drone footage allows the developer or owner to monitor a project’s progress, identify and prevent potential safety hazards and make adjustments to the budget or schedule based on the information collected. It allows the developer or owner to have site visibility while social distancing. In addition, drone footage is easy to share with various team members for enhanced communication and coordination.

With the current challenges our world is facing in the wake of COVID-19, a pre-construction meeting or weekly site visit with all project stake-holders is not ideal or simply not feasible, but we all want these projects to keep moving forward so we can keep our staff employed. Drone technology can help!

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