Duncan Box Huntington, WV Triad Engineering

Duncan Box, a roughly 4-acre property situated at the intersection of 14th Street West and Van Buren Avenue in Huntington Cabell County, West Virginia, has a rich historical background, having housed various enterprises such as a slaughterhouse, sausage factory, box manufacturing facility, hardware store, custom sawmill, and lumber storage.

The primary goals of the project were twofold: to assess and remediate the site, ensuring its suitability for redevelopment, all the while prioritizing human health safeguards. Collaborating closely with the Region II Planning & Development Council, Triad Engineering played a pivotal role in the evaluation and enhancement of their brownfield site inventory for the Interstate 64 Corridor in the Metro Valley Region, specifically incorporating Duncan Box into the assessment.

Recently acquired by the Huntington Area Development Council (HADCO), the property underwent additional scrutiny and remedial measures conducted by Triad. This encompassed a comprehensive Phase II Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) and various remediation activities. Noteworthy tasks included the extraction of potentially contaminated water from the basement, dismantling existing groundwater monitoring wells, investigating the adjacent rail line, and removing a previously closed-in-place underground storage tank.

Triad’s comprehensive suite of services included:

  • Phase I ESA
  • Owner/Occupant Interviews
  • Site Reconnaissance
  • Environmental Regulatory Database Reviews
  • Examination of Historic Records and Sanborn Fire Insurance Maps
  • Report Preparation
  • Development of Sampling and Analysis Work Plans
  • Phase II ESA
  • Underground Storage Tank (UST) Removal