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Triad has an extensive background working on a variety of projects in the education industry. Triad’s experience includes projects for K-12 schools and higher education facilities from both the public and private sector. These projects range from new construction, stormwater management improvement projects, additions, renovations, fields, stadiums and more. Triad maintains in-depth knowledge of education industry standards, developments, and future goals.
  • Hagerstown Community College

    Triad Engineering, Inc. (Triad) has a long history of performing full-service engineering at the Hagerstown Community College. The Hagerstown Community College was established in 1946 and was the first community college in the state of Maryland. The campus is situated on approximately 318 acres along the north side of Robinwood Drive. Over the years, Triad has provided a variety of services to include Site Design, Environmental Studies, Wetland Delineation, Forest Conservation, Geotechnical Services, Surveying, and Construction Inspection for many buildings, utility and roadway projects across the campus, and more. Some of the extensive Civil Engineering and Surveying projects reach back 18 years to Gerald A. Cump and Associates, who merged with Triad in 2004.

    The Civil Department has performed numerous projects for the college over the years including site plans for the new student center, technical innovation center additions, existing library renovations, administration building additions and numerous parking lot plans.  Triad was a part of the design team working on the new Arts & Science Complex and actively worked on the Campus Development Plan team. Triad provided services for the design of a new loop road extension and miscellaneous building and parking area upgrades. This project was divided into two different contracts for bidding purposes. The project involved design of a half mile of roadway in accordance with County roadway design criteria. Also, design of supporting storm drain, stormwater management, water quality, and a FEMA floodway study were provided. Triad assisted the project architect in preparing the bid contract documents as well as answering bidder questions, providing support during the bid process, and attending bid meetings. During the construction process, Triad provided support reviewing shop drawings and reviewing change order requests and attending progress meetings.

    Some of our environmental projects included performing a Fracture Trace Analysis and Sinkhole Evaluation Assessment. Site reconnaissance, aerial photograph analysis, field research, and report preparation were part of the sinkhole evaluation, as well as irrigation well location.  Past environmental work also included wetland delineation and a forest conservation plan.

    The survey department has performed a boundary survey of the entire campus. This involved records research and field surveys to determine the property boundaries, preparation of a boundary plat to be recorded among the land records, placement of FENO monuments at most of the boundary corners and iron pipes with fiberglass posts intermediately along the 21,000 linear foot boundary to further perpetuate this survey.

    Over the past two decades, Triad has been proud to be associated with Hagerstown Community College. As the campus continues to expand and grow, we plan to be there to solve their engineering needs.

    Services Provided:
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