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Triad’s industrial work experience has included projects for manufacturing facilities, warehouse facilities, distribution centers, and large commerce parks. Industrial clients have various challenges including regulations and production schedules that demand quick practical solutions developed by the Triad team members. By sharing a wealth of knowledge across all offices in our footprint, our team has proven time and again to our clients and competitors that we produce positive results for many large and small-scale industrial projects across the region.
  • Antrim Commons Development Hydrogeologic Study

    Triad Engineering, Inc. (Triad) provided environmental consulting services at Antrim Commons, a new industrial park development. Triad performed well drilling and a hydrogeologic study to evaluate and characterize the water supply in relation to the needs of the future development uses. The hydrogeologic study provided information on the anticipated yield of the proposed supply well and assessed the potential effects of proposed water extraction on the groundwater supply and other nearby well users.

    Triad performed hydrogeology research and fracture trace anaylsis using current and historical topographic maps, geologic maps and available published reports to provide insight as to the existing geologic and hyrdogeologic conditions of the site. The fracture trace analysis reviewed stereo aerial photographs to delineate surface evidence and subsurface fractures that may serve as conduits for groundwater flow.

    Triad then installed a pumping well and observation wells at optimal locations identified by the hydrogeology research and fracture trace analysis. With the wells in place, Triad performed aquifer testing. We performed a 12-hour step test to determine the best and maximum pumping rate for a 72-hour pumping test. Groundwater extraction rates were monitored and measured. Our team analyzed the various hydraulic parameters and data collected from the pump test and summarized our findings and conclusions in a report presented to the client.

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