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Triad is a multi-discipline, employee-owned firm of engineers, surveyors, and scientists who provide geotechnical and civil engineering, environmental services, drilling, surveying, and construction testing and inspection services. Since 1975, Triad has grown from a small office in West Virginia to nine offices across five states. Triad can provide practical solutions to meet your project needs and exceed your expectations.

  • Geotechnical Engineering

    Triad was originally formed in 1975 as a geotechnical engineering firm, and our expertise in this discipline is superior. Many…
  • Environmental Services

    Triad provides a broad, comprehensive range of environmental consulting services to a variety of clients through the expertise of our…
  • Civil Engineering

    Triad has a team of professional personnel which provides civil engineering design services in a variety of markets including land…
  • Surveying & Mapping Services

    Within the context of a complicated and densely regulated environment, Triad’s surveying and mapping services and professionals embrace the challenges…
  • Materials Testing & Inspections

    Quality Assurance/Quality Control (QA/QC) construction monitoring and materials testing services have been core specialties since Triad was founded in 1975.
  • Drilling & Sampling Services

    Triad owns and operates numerous drilling rigs at various offices. Our drilling fleet includes truck-mounted, track-mounted, skid-mounted and ATV-mounted rigs.
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Why I Work For Triad

“I joined Triad in November 2017. When I met with the Triad leadership team and with the Sterling, VA staff members, I immediately felt a connection. Triad is made of lots of really good people – honest, good-hearted, dedicated, hard-working, and capable. I work for Triad because of the outstanding quality of the character of those around me. ” —Tim Gary, Senior Geotechnical Manager, Washington DC
Tim Gary, Senior Geotechnical Manager, Washington DC
  • How to become an Environmental Engineer/Scientist

    By:Triad Engineering In our ever-growing communities and cities, industries like mining, manufacturing, and construction play a pivotal role in providing resources, building homes, and meeting daily needs. However, they also contribute to waste, pollution, and disruptions in our natural ecosystem. Enter Environmental Engineers and Scientists – the unsung heroes working to…

  • Understanding Turbidity in Water: Compliance and Environmental Insights

    By:Triad Engineering   Have you recently received an alert from the MDE eReporting system regarding the reporting of Turbidity and its mandatory submission for 1Q24? Reports are due by April 28, and it’s crucial to be prepared.   Primarily impacting MD General Permit 20-CP construction sites exceeding 1 acre in…