• Triad Encourages Geotechnical Educational Learning at STEM Summer Camp

    By: Vanessa Ervin

    Tim Gary, PE, DC Metro Regional Manager, visited the Loudon County Schools STEM Summer Camp this July to education students and support the continued exposure of young children to the #STEM fields! Mr. Gary Presented the basics of Geotechnical Engineering to groups of students in the camp from second to fifth grades. What were students most interested in? Viewing a broken concrete cylinder to show compressive strength!

    Triad Engineering, Inc. values building relationships with community leaders in the education industry to promote STEM learning, and offer an insight to day-to-day experiences in the workplace. Many staff members from our various disciplines are often seen in area schools demonstrating many of the job responsibilities they encounter each day. If you are an educator and would like to learn more about our staff members offering their expertise, please contact any of our offices directly via phone or e-mail found in the contact us section of our website: www.triadeng.com.

  • Triad Engineering Promotes National Construction Safety Week: The Power of Safe Choices

    By: Vanessa Ervin

    Construction Safety Week is May 7-11, 2018 and Triad is joining the national effort to promote the ‘Power of Safe Choices.’ Multiple tips were discussed each day to empower all employees in the decisions they make each day. The #ToolboxTalks encouraged recognizing team members, leading by example, engaging and empowering, and developing team members. Everyone on a job site should work together to address and solve any safety issues. Everyone on the job has input from past experiences, so it is important to allow communication from all sides. Always be a leader on the jobsite when it comes to safety, and make it the top priority no matter the circumstances! #safetyweek2018