Would you like to restore native plants to your property?

By:Triad Engineering

WV Restoration Planting Tool:

Would you like to restore native plants to your property?

native plants, West Virginia

The West Virginia Restoration Planting Tool matches your property with known native plant communities in West Virginia and predicts plant species that will thrive and provide great habitat for native fauna, including birds & butterflies.

The tool can be used for wetland and upland habitats.  It requires Microsoft Office Access software and an Internet connection and is available to the public at https://dep.wv.gov/WWE/getinvolved/Pages/Restoration-Planting-Tool.aspx

This tool is wonderful for private landowners wishing to enhance their property.

For larger and more complex projects, Triad is able to complete a site restoration or planting plan and can incorporate a creative planting plan into your project or construction stormwater permit. Triad can create planting plans for citizens, community groups, and private industry to address issues including: slope stabilization, construction site reclamation, improving forage production on hillside pastures, address problems associated with concentrated livestock, reclamation of mined lands, streambank stabilization, agro-forestry, wildlife habitat improvement, and others.

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