Triad Engineering, Inc. is committed to protecting the well-being of its employees, property, and the community and environment in which we work. It is our policy to conduct all operations in a safe and healthy manner. The health and safety of every employee is absolutely paramount and its consideration must be a value to the organization.

Safety Employees of the Month


By: Cyndi Powell

Triad’s Safety Employee of the Month:  October

This month we would like to recognize Kevin Benecki, Engineering Technician for the Sterling office. Kevin recognizes that safety is of utmost importance for Triad, and for our industry as a whole. Kevin does a great job promoting Triad’s safety culture to new technicians and we firmly believe that his actions help them be more safety-oriented while working on busy construction sites. Thank you Kevin for helping spread the all-important “Safety First” message for Triad.

Safety Spotlight: September

By: Vanessa Ervin

Triad’s Safety Employee of the Month: September

This month we would like to recognize Cindy Thurber, office admin for the Hagerstown office. Throughout this pandemic, all of our office admins have been on the front lines ensuring our offices are safe, clean spaces. Cindy has made hand sanitizer, posted reminders in visible public spaces to remind staff of specific regulations Triad has in place related to COVID, like filling out our Daily JHA and Attendance Report Forms. More than our physical safety and well-being concerns, Cindy contributes to a positive work environment and makes everyone feel welcome. Her efforts are noticed and appreciated more than she knows.

Safety Spotlight: August

By: Vanessa Ervin

Triad Safety Employee of the Month: August

Danny Willett, Engineering Technician in Triad’s Morgantown office, was strongly operational in the field throughout the beginning stages of Covid-19’s impact and was very conscientious of not only our policies as it pertains to Covid-19 but the policies and various monitoring procedures outlined by numerous clients. He has worked in the Morgantown QC department for a little over a year and has a firm grasp on Triads current and evolving safety culture. He routinely provides key feedback on projects and strives to maintain a safe working practice for himself and others.

Safety Spotlight: July

By: Vanessa Ervin

Safety Employee of the Month: July
Dane Ryan, SA Office

Triad’s Safety Employee for July is Dane Ryan, Business Development Leader for the Scott Depot office. Dane has been diligent in taking the role of Corporate Safety Officer, and shown major attention to detail and concern during the COVID-19 crisis. Dane researches policies and information as situations continue to change and works daily with leadership to discuss necessary changes in safety protocol as needed.

Dane has been proactive in working with the safety committee across Triad’s company footprint making sure that safety is implemented first in every aspect. Congratulations Dane, and thank you for making safety the priority!

Safety Spotlight: June

By: Vanessa Ervin

Safety Employee of the Month: June

Triad’s Safety Employee of the Month is Debbie Jones, Administrative Assistant for the Winchester office.  Each morning for the past few months, Debbie has arrived at the office and systematically cleaned all of the various door handles in the lower level of the building and made sure that common areas are thoroughly disinfected.  She’s also regularly contacted the QC field staff to make sure they’re equipped with PPE so they can continue to work safely.  Thanks for all you do to keep Triad safe Debbie!

Safety Spotlight: May

By: Vanessa Ervin

Safety Employee of the Month: May

The Hagerstown Office QC and Survey field staff have been selected to be honored as the Safety Spotlight for May.  Hagerstown Office field staff have continued to work on the front lines during these challenging times.  They have continued to show up at essential project sites and complete their assigned work.  They have adapted to wearing masks, getting temperatures taken, riding in separate vehicles, and self-evaluating themselves.

Thank you to the HG Office QC and Survey field staff for continuing to be safe even during this pandemic.

Safety Spotlight: April

By: Vanessa Ervin

Triad’s Safety Employee of the Month for April is Cheryl Summers!

Triad’s Safety Employee of the Month for April is Cheryl Summers! Cheryl is the Administrative Assistant in the Morgantown, West Virginia office. Throughout the COVID-19 situation, Cheryl has provided assistance to staff transitioning to work-from-home to help the Morgantown office safely maintain efficiency and stay connected. Within the office she has also been instrumental in making the office a clean, organized and safe environment during this time. Thank you, Cheryl, for making safety the top priority!

Safety Spotlight: March

By: Vanessa Ervin

Triad’s Safety Employee of the Month for March is Cadaris Woods!

Cadaris is a Staff Scientist within the Environmental Department of Triad’s St. Albans, West Virginia office. With a degree in Safety Management, Cadaris exercises in-depth knowledge of proper safety practices and acts as the Office Safety Representative for the St. Albans office. Cadaris leads by example in using excellent judgement on the job site by following Triad safety procedures and communicates to the team of any potential safety risks and/or hazards. Thanks for all you do for the safety of yourself and the Triad team, Cadaris!

Safety Spotlight: February

By: Vanessa Ervin

Triad’s Safety Employee of the Month for February is Ed Dorsey!

Ed Dorsey, QC/Construction Services Supervisor out of the Sterling, Virginia branch of Triad, has been selected as the Safety Employee of the Month for February! Ed actively promotes safety awareness in the field and while in the office. When training field personnel, Ed emphasizes Triad safety protocol such as vehicle driving, parking and maintenance, handling and storage of nuclear gauges and equipment and attention to site hazards. Ed discusses potential safety issues with clients and Triad staff when scheduling coverage of QC field projects. Thanks, Ed, for leading with safety top-of-mind!

Safety Spotlight: January

By: Vanessa Ervin

Triad’s Safety Employee of the Month for January is Brett Bussard!

Brett Bussard, Survey Technician out of the Hagerstown, Maryland branch of Triad, has been selected as the Safety Employee of the Month for January! Brett started as an intern and became full time with Triad in 2015. Brett is very safety conscious and not only evaluates his specific job by filling out a Job Hazard Analysis (JHA) form, but also brings attention to unsafe situations that involve others on a project site. This attention and concern for his safety and the safety of all on a project site is a great demonstration of Brett’s dedication to leading a positive safety culture. Thanks, Brett, for having the courage to speak up for safety and understanding that safety is all our responsibility!