Triad Engineering, Inc. is committed to protecting the well-being of its employees, property, and the community and environment in which we work. It is our policy to conduct all operations in a safe and healthy manner. The health and safety of every employee is absolutely paramount and its consideration must be a value to the organization.

Safety Employees of the Month

Safety Spotlight: October

By: Vanessa Ervin

Triad’s Safety Employee of the Month for October is Karin Fiddler. Karin works in the Sterling office as a Senior Technician. Kari has to work in elevated place and situations on a regular basis when conducting structural steel inspections. She always insists on the contractor providing safe conditions for her inspections, and she never places herself in harm’s way to complete the work required. We can consistently count on her following safe working practices and setting a good example for others in the QC department with whom she works. Congratulations, Karin and thank you for making safety work at Triad!

Safety Spotlight: September

By: Vanessa Ervin

Triad Safety Employee of the Month: September

Terry Fahrney, Engineering Technician in the Hagerstown Office, has been selected as the Triad Safety Employee of the Month for September.  Terry spends his days around heavy equipment and high-risk environments where any lapse in safety can be life threatening. Terry takes safety very seriously. He always makes sure that he has the proper PPE and that it is well-maintained. He takes the time to make sure anyone new to a job site is properly informed of the safety hazards and will review the Job Hazard Assessment (JHA). Congratulations, Terry, and thank you for continuing to do your part to positively impact and improve the safety culture at Triad!

Safety Spotlight: August

By: Vanessa Ervin

Triad August Safety Employee of the MonthTriad Safety Employee of the Month: August

Mark Talkington, Survey Party Chief in the Morgantown office has been selected as the Triad Safety Employee of the Month for August.  Mark has worked in the construction industry for over thirty years.  He has been involved in a variety of projects with all of our departments.  Mark has been very involved recently at local coal mines laying out refuse piles, conveyor belts, railroad railway alignments, air shafts, substations, mine buildings, house subsidence monitoring, among many other tasks in diverse environments.  Following MSHA regulations and guild lines has been a substantial part of his work ethic.  As a survey crew leader, he also stays aware of his surroundings, potential hazards, and terrain, wears the appropriate PPE, follows safe work practices, and provides safe solutions to problems that arise in the field.   Thank you for all your hard work, devotion to safety, and dedication to Triad for thirty years.

Safety Spotlight: July

By: Vanessa Ervin

safety employee of the month for julyTriad’s Safety Employee of the Month for July is Mike Fleck!

In all aspects of his job, Mike Fleck is very safety-oriented. He has worked in the construction industry for over 20 years. He has been directly involved with all types of QC across multiple departments. He understands the various issues our entire team faces on a daily basis. Mike is very aware; he is always taking note of his surroundings with the mindset of identifying any safety concerns or issues. He understands the importance of proper PPE and keeping tools and equipment in good, working order. As a CDL driver who hauls the camera trailer, Mike shows caution and heavy awareness when it comes to the Triad fleet. He always performs proper parking procedures and is proactive in using hazard lighting in required situations. Mike has a wife and two sons that he wants to go home to each and every evening. Congratulations, Mike and thank you for your dedication to safety!

Safety Spotlight: June

By: Vanessa Ervin

Triad’s Safety Employee of the Month for June is Kent Abe!

Kent Abe works as a Staff Engineer in the Geotechnical Department in the Winchester office of Triad. Kent is always extremely well-prepared for the periodic safety presentations in the Winchester office. Likewise, whenever he has field work to do, he always follows safe work practices, wearing appropriate PPE and always watching out for possible hazards on each job site. He maintains an adequate supply of safety gear for the employees, and he’s very careful to monitor usage and make sure that people are mindful of the costs for safety related supplies. Congratulations, Kent!



Safety Spotlight: May

By: Vanessa Ervin

James-Wheeler-PhotoTriad’s Safety Employee of the Month for May is James Wheeler!

James Wheeler works in the Hagerstown office of Triad as a Geotechnical Scientist and is the office Safety Coordinator. In addition to his regular geotechnical duties, James also operates and maintains the skid-mounted trailer drill rig. The responsibilities associated with James’ positions here at Triad require safety to be priority number one. James has always brought a truck load of energy to the safety culture in the Hagerstown office. James has also been delegated additional safety duties beyond the typical office Safety Coordinator duties that he has been very enthusiastic about.

Safety Spotlight: April

By: Vanessa Ervin

Triad’s Safety Employee of the Month for April is John Mercer!

John Mercer, Engineering/Laboratory Technician in the Morgantown office, has been selected as the Triad Safety Employee of the Month. John maintains a high level of safety in the field and laboratory, while making sure other employees in the laboratory are working safely as well. PPE usage in the lab is vital, and John has contributed to increased PPE usage and an improved safety culture within our laboratory operations. Our lab performs a high volume of work in support of our Geotechnical and QC service lines and for many external clients and consultants. This work gets completed safely and efficiently, due in large part to John’s efforts! During his four years with Triad, John has maintained a perfect safety record while performing his duties.

Safety Spotlight: March

By: Vanessa Ervin

Triad’s Safety Employee of the Month for March is Rick Atencio!

Rick Atencio, Engineering Technician II in the Scott Depot office, has been selected as the Triad Safety Employee of the Month. Rick maintains a high level of safety consciousness by consistently completing job hazard analysis sheets, always wearing proper PPE and being proactive with respect to vehicle maintenance. Rick has also provided many job site safety scenarios for Triad employees by submitting several near miss incidents. Rick has worked within most of the departments for the Scott Depot office and has a great understanding of what each department does and the safety issues they face. Because of his attention to safety, he has a unique perspective on looking at work tasks to determine any safety issues involved and implementing proper safety procedures whenever necessary.