Cyndi Powell

Business Development Leader

Cyndi has a unique and diverse background of experience that lends itself well to her role as a Business Development Leader. She graduated Magna Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry and a minor in Biology. After college, she pursued interests in the medical field, but soon learned it wasn’t a good fit. From the medical field, she found a position working for a local municipal government as an Event Coordinator then the public library system as the Supervisor of the Young Adult Department. Throughout her career, her focus has always been service and people oriented. She loves working with and for people. Cyndi has a unique balance of analytical and creative thinking and she enjoys using both sides of her brain in her current role with Triad. For fun, Cyndi is an avid reader; she loves to cook, bake and entertain her friends and family. A self-proclaimed foodie, you can often catch her taking pictures of her food before she eats it and talking about her next meal before she has finished the current one. She is married with three beautiful furbabies!