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Pullman Square - Huntington, WV

The Pullman Square retail development is a truly turnkey Triad project because our firm provided so many different services at the abandoned commercial/warehouse district in downtown Huntington.

The project area encompassed an entire city block in the central business district, adjacent to the Civic Center Arena and the city’s riverfront park along the Ohio River.  This part of the city formerly was home to a mix of retail, commercial, warehouse, and light manufacturing businesses that had been demolished in the 1970’s as a part of urban renewal efforts.  The area was referred to as “superblock”, and the city dreamed of redeveloping the land for new business.  Unfortunately, the area lay fallow until the late 1990’s, when interest in redevelopment began to reemerge.

Triad first became involved in the project when Huntington Urban Renewal Authority (HURA) engaged our firm to perform a Phase I ESA of the entire city block on behalf of a Holiday Inn & Suites hotel proposed for one part of the area.  The ESA uncovered records of a former gasoline station in one part of the hotel site.  Our next project included a Phase II ESA of the former gasoline station, combined with a geotechnical investigation for the hotel.  During hotel construction, Triad was again on-site providing quality control inspection and materials testing.

Other portions of the site remained undeveloped until 2002 when HURA and the Tri-State Transit Authority (TTA) decided to develop a combined retail and intermodal transportation facility complex.  Triad was called upon to perform a geotechnical investigation for the building and its associated parking garages.  During our drilling project, the on-site geologist detected chemical vapors in samples from one area and brought in personnel from the environmental department.  Further investigation uncovered a second area of environmental concern that included a solvent spill area and a former underground gasoline tank.  Triad helped HURA and TTA to take the project into the WV Brownfield Redevelopment Program and performed environmental investigation at the site on a fast-track basis.  By working closely with the environmental agency, Triad was able to expedite the voluntary cleanup process and obtain a Certificate of Completion for our clients, which cleared the way for financing.  Triad stayed with the project during design and construction, once again providing inspection services, and was invited by our client to the ribbon cutting ceremony.



Pullman Square - Before

Pullman Square Streetscape

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