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This project consisted of multiple abandoned mine land (AML) sites within the West Virginia University Institute of Technology (WVUIT) campus and the nearby Morris Creek Watershed area. The sites included a number of AML related issues, such as abandoned openings, contaminated drainage, impounded underground water, dilapidated structures, and coal refuse piles.

Numerous abandoned mine openings presented a safety hazard to local residents, and contaminated drainage released from several openings was adversely affecting surface water quality in Morris Creek. Abandoned mine workings located above the WVUIT campus were impounding large quantities of water that may release under pressure and threaten buildings and roads, as well as students and faculty. Dilapidated coal handling equipment and structures, and piles of coal refuse, presented an eyesore to the surrounding community.

Triad assessed the various mine-related impacts that affected the WVUIT campus and the Morris Creek watershed and recommended a number of remedies to our client. Eventually Triad completed design drawings and specifications for the necessary remedies and oversaw the remedial construction process. Generally, mine openings that did not discharge contaminated mine water were closed using “dry seals” that included specially designed gates to allow hibernating bats to enter and exit. Openings where drainage was occurring were closed using “wet seals” that included a drainage culvert to route mine water to a treatment system. Triad designed two passive systems using wetlands and limestone to treat acid mine drainage. Finally, Triad prepared demolition plans for dismantling and removing abandoned mine structures, and prepared regrading and revegetation plans to address the coal refuse piles. Our project required close coordination with AML and Water Resource divisions of the West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection, as well as the Morris Creek Watershed Association, the WV Department of Transportation, and the United States Army Corps of Engineers.

Services provided by Triad on this project included surveying and topographic mapping, drilling and geotechnical engineering to determine hydraulic head within the abandoned works, NPDES permits for both construction and treated mine water discharge, treatment system design, drainage and grading design, and construction document preparation.













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