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To prove their commitment to medical excellence, the Washington County Health System (WCHS) has begun construction of a new 500,000+ square foot, six-story regional medical center. The chosen name for this new facility is Meritus Regional Medical Center.

Prior to construction, Triad was contracted to provide multiple phases of geotechnical engineering services. The initial phase included performing a detailed geophysical survey consisting of electrical resistivity imaging to delineate anomalous areas that are more prone to sinkhole activity. This geophysical survey was one of the first in house geophysical projects performed by our Winchester Office. The geophysical survey was supplemented by drilling over 60 test borings at strategic locations based on the anticipated structure footprint and results of the geophysical survey. The drilling work was performed by our Winchester office with their CME 55 drill rig. Upon completion of the first two phases of evaluation, several foundation alternatives were developed and additional drilling was performed. The additional drilling included three percussion hammer air-track probes at each specific column foundation. Due to the irregular nature of the underlying limestone, the probes encountered competent limestone bedrock at highly variable depths ranging from less than 10 feet to over 130 feet below grade. The highly variable bedrock surface created very difficult drilling conditions both during the test borings and subsequent air-track probes.

In April of 2008 construction began and Triad was contracted by WCHS to perform the necessary inspection services for the construction of the Regional Medical Center. Starting in June, several caisson drill rigs started on the 220 drilled piers required for support of the new bed tower portion of the hospital. Due to the difficult drilling conditions and steeply sloping bedrock, the drilling contractor had up to 6 drill rigs running at one time to complete the foundation work within the tight time schedule. Due to the size of the structure and difficult subsurface conditions, numerous construction hurdles presented themselves during the early phases of construction and had to be dealt with swiftly and economically. Some of the issues consisted of remediation of sinkholes along foundation lines, cement and lime stabilization of wet clayey soils and design assistance for the placement of over 20 feet of Air Modified Controlled Low Strength Material behind an unsupported concrete wall prior to placement of structural steel and upper level supporting structural slabs.

With foundations finally in place, steel erection and masonry wall construction began in December and the project has continued at a very rapid pace to be completed and occupied by the end of 2010. The Hagerstown Office of Triad is continuing to provide inspection services under the leadership of our QC department management and seasoned field technicians. Our technicians have performed and coordinated various inspection services consisting of pre-blast surveys, concrete testing, compaction testing, sinkhole remediation, caisson inspection and structural steel inspection on the project. Our Winchester office has also provided detailed structural steel inspection services.



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