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Town of Moorefield, Hardy County, WV

The Town of Moorefield, along with regional partners Hardy County and the Pilgrim’s Pride poultry facilities, embarked on a project that will greatly reduce pollution entering the Potomac River and will be the single most significant contribution in WV towards achieving the Potomac Tributary Strategy to protect Chesapeake Bay.  Each regional partner operates wastewater treatment facilities that discharge along the South Branch of the Potomac River.  Combined, the partners are responsible for a total of nine discharge points; including five wastewater treatment plants and four combined sewer overflow (CSO) discharges.  This project will intercept flow from all nine discharge points and convey it to a new state-of-the-art regional wastewater treatment facility that will treat up to 4.1 million gallons per day of wastewater.  The new plant will meet WV NPDES discharge limits and will be consistent with Chesapeake Bay protection goals.

In May of 2006, the Town of Moorefield retained AECOM (formerly Metcalf & Eddy) as the project engineer.  In 2007, AECOM hired Triad to design the wastewater collection system.  The collection network consists of nearly four miles of sewer lines, including a 24-inch gravity sewer, an 18 inch force main, and a single pumping station. The pumping station includes three pumps.  Also, Triad surveyed collection line alignments and pumping station sites, and provided geotechnical engineering for the pump station.  To provide the client the most efficient and cost effective service as possible, work was performed by multiple Triad locations.

In September 2010, Triad was hired by the Town of Moorefield to replace AECOM for the duration of the project.  Triad’s duties for this phase of the project included value engineering of the existing design and complete construction administration services.  This required full time construction oversight, shop drawing and submittal review, and review and approval of contractor pay requests.    

This single project will remove about 85 percent of West Virginia’s 2002 point source phosphorus load to the Chesapeake Bay and will remove about 26 percent of the point source nitrogen load.  The plant will create a sound environmental basis for continued economic development in the South Fork of the Potomac River Valley.  The new plant will eliminate five existing wastewater plants including the Town of Moorefield, two poultry industry plants and two Hardy County wastewater plants.  The project will also reduce Town of Moorefield CSO discharge volume by eliminating one permitted stormwater discharge and one wastewater pumping station

Services provided by Triad included surveying and mapping to generate an existing conditions site map of the pipe routes and pumping station sites, geotechnical engineering for the pump station sites, and generation of design drawings and construction bid packages for the collection system and pump station.Services for the WWTP include value engineering for the WWTP design, and construction administration services during the construction process.

Triad Project Manager

Jack Ramsey, PE

Project Completion

January 2014

Project Cost

Fee: $1,399,650

Construction Cost: $31,616,212 (Bid)

Total Project Cost: $40,401,000

Project Contact

Lucas Gagnon, President 
Moorefield / Hardy County Wastewater Authority
Phone: (304) 530-6142



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